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William Robinson (thafaction) Tha Faction manage Tha Faction
Cruel Horizon (thecruelhorizon) The Cruel Horizon manage The Cruel Horizon
Paul McDonnell (abandcalledpaul) A Band Called Paul manage A Band Called Paul
David Kitching (bayat) BaYaT manage BaYaT
Daniel Armstrong (thebillowsburnbright) The Billows Burn Bright manage The Billows Burn Bright
Dave Eastman (sayyesdonothing) Say Yes, Do Nothing manage Say Yes, Do Nothing
Ivan Popov (tangerinebeams) tangerine beams manage tangerine beams
Karl Lempert (bluebeatshelter) Bluebeat Shelter manage Bluebeat Shelter
Andrew Purcell (thenigelpurcelltrio) The Nigel Purcell Trio manage The Nigel Purcell Trio
Voodoo Jade (hybridspirits) Hybrid Spirits manage Hybrid Spirits