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Name (Username) Email Address Artist/Band Name Manage
Gary Robinson (thedeathbeats) The Death Beats manage The Death Beats
Paul Hubbert (revivalry) Revivalry manage Revivalry
Atsushi Masuda (keefanthony) Keef Anthony manage Keef Anthony
() Krystal Brown manage Krystal Brown
Alfonzo Tramontano (fonztramontano) Fonz Tramontano manage Fonz Tramontano
Gene Roberson Jr (cocoaredmusic) Cocoared manage Cocoared
Dave Molter (davemolter) Dave Molter manage Dave Molter
Travis Fairley (revbandrocks) Revolution manage Revolution
Philippe Perelman (lram) Lucy, Racquel and me manage Lucy, Racquel and me
Andy Harding (vernonsfuture) Vernons Future manage Vernons Future