Zabazz on the Creative Process

It just happens and you can use nothing you can do about it you, you’re a beautiful slave to it. And I wouldn’t want to be enslaved by anything other than musical, sketch writing or joke writing in just creation, just to express and entertain, to enhance. to bring joy. It’s about bringing joy, wherever […]

My Mentor Alberto

I could only study with him just 2 years because he died of a lung cancer, but that span of time really changed my life. He was blind, that s why his touch is so delicate and soft, and his piano technique develops accordingly. Before meeting him, I had been rejected by the Conservatorio of […]

Jazzy Fabbry on the Creative Process

A creative process is something that can be tamed. It overwhelms you with the power of a tsunami and takes you to unexpected places. When I feel it coming to me I put my fingers on the keyboard and let them go. They connect my soul with my piano and make it happen.

Here we go …

Hello y’all, finally I arrived over here. Just before releasing my first EP – Island Vibes, Vol. 1 – on Bandcamp and all major stream platforms. Until then, have a look at my older releases. Some of them are on rotation, here on the station.

Who I am…and why I’m here.

Honestly, I created a profile on IYR Artists just to test things out. Many people on social media know this, but many outside of the realm of Twitter have ZERO idea that I created itsyourradio. So hey there, I’m Cory Legendre. Good introduction right? I am writing the first blog post on the launch of […]