Genre: Rap

My name is Marcus Green III but I go by my stage name ShakaOMG. I was born in Pensacola, Florida but moved around quite a lot. Around the age of 5 I moved with my cousins in Alabama and they were rappers that made their own music. I always thought it was dope but I was too young to understand the process. At 8, I remember my friend giving me all his PS2 games after he got a PS3 and along with the collection was a game called "Frequency". The game lets you create beats in various genres, I was instantly hooked.

Then at age 11, I recorded my first piece of a song. I recorded a chorus for one of my cousins. After that I immediately knew what I wanted to do for the future, Audio Production. At age 14, my grandmother let me have her laptop after she got a new desktop. I immediately downloaded FL Studio and haven’t looked back since. I’m only progressing as the years go on. I couldn’t tell you where my sound comes from. I just boot up my DAW and open my heart and spirit to it. Some days I’m happy and I feel like creating a beautiful melody, sometimes I’m in a mood and I make something with dark tones. Other times in feeling overconfident and I want to swag on the whole world. It all depends on the energy.

In the end, all I want people to take away from my music, my message, or even who I am as a person is to be free. Be your own person, have fun, and be unapologetic about being you. This huge blue and green speck that we live on is your playground to live your own life and do whatever it is that you want.

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