Login or Register for an IYR Network Account

On this page, you can log in or register for either an IYR Artists/Agencies account to submit music and profiles, or a standard IYR Network account to navigate, comment, chat and participate across our network from this page!

To use the features in the Artists Portal, you’ll need to be registered for an IYR Artists account, a special version of the IYR Account dedicated to bands, artists and agencies that unlocks your access to all the Artists Portal features. If you are NOT a band, artist, agency or record label, please do NOT sign up for this special account type.

Update on Social Media Connections

Facebook owns, of course, Facebook, but they also own Instagram and other online services. They have recently changed the API restricting our ability to freely show your photos just by your username.

We are working hard at a fix for this issue to allow you to authenticate with Instagram and continue displaying feeds on your user profiles as before. Keep watch for the update.

Why tag your MP3s (ID3 Tags)?

All mp3 uploads need to properly ID3 tagged to verify “Song Title” / “Artist” / “Album” / “Cover Art” are correct and will display properly live on the station.

This is good measure to ensure your mp3s are all properly tagged for all your releases, regardless of submitting to itsyourradio.

Improper ID3 tags can also hurt your royalty earnings on any network – if your files aren’t tagged right, plays cannot be properly logged in the statistics.

Tools for Preparing Your Content

Artist Directory Images display best at a minimum of 1200x630px!
(40:21 Aspect Ratio)

We ONLY accept MP3 submissions – and you should check and see if your media is ID3 tagged properly with a free application like MP3tag.

If your music isn’t properly tagged, it won’t display properly when streamed live on radio!

Your Profiles

To use IYR Artists for music submission – you must create a public facing profile first. All music submissions are directly tied to profiles, which are separate from IYR Network Accounts. Profiles also display in the Artists Directory for fans to connect with you across social media & check out your blogs, biography & other links.

If you’re a single band/artist, you’ll only need to create one profile. Once and you’re done. If you’re an agency/record label, you’ll want to create a profile for each artist that you represent.

This is where you’ll go to add a new profile to the Artists Directory.

If you’re a single band/artist, you’ll only need to do this once. If you’re an agency/record label, you’ll want to add a profile for each artist you represent.

If you need to change a link, your featured photo, or anything else on your profile(s) in the Artists Directory, this is where you go to do so.

If you’re a single band/artist, you’ll only see one profile to manage. If you’re a record label or agency, you’ll see all the profiles you manage.

Your Music

If you have NOT created a “Profile” in the section above, PLEASE create one before submitting music.
An account is not equal to a profile, the two things are separate entities and a profile MUST be created before submitting music.

After you’ve properly ID3 tagged your mp3 files (as explained under “Prepare Your Content” above) — this is where you’ll go to submit music to the station.

All submissions are added to the itsyourradio rotation within 30-60 minutes after submission.

This is where you can view your Album/Single submissions that you’ve made to itsyourradio.

If there’s an album or single that you’ve decided you no longer want in rotation on the station? Just delete it from here. It’s that simple.

Your Blog Posts

If you have NOT created a “Profile” in the section above, PLEASE create one to enable blogging.
Included with your IYR Artists Profile, you get unlimited access to posting blogs that show up on both your IYR Artists Profile & on the Artists Blog section of our website.

Ready to write a new blog post for IYR Artists Blogs? This is where you do that.

Blogs are published immediately when you submit. If you need to save a draft, that option is there — in which you’d be able to pick back up and continue your post from the Drafts section under View/Manage Blog Posts.

This is where you can view your blog posts that you’ve written.

Both published posts and drafts can be accessed here.

Direct Payments and Your Ethereum Wallet

All artists registered for IYR Artists receive an Ethereum ERC20 wallet generated by our secure servers.
If you already use a cryptocurrency wallet, or want to export your IYR wallet for use in another wallet app, we have made these options available in the Wallet and Payments Dashboard.