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Artist/Band Name: ASAP Tokyo Managing Name: Donald Holmes
Genre/Style: [12] Email Address: drh123@hotmail.com
Username: drh123 Website:


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dre.t.askew Twitter:
YouTube: Instagram: asapt0kyo
OG Title: [31] OG Description: ASAP Tokyo (Genre: Hip-Hop, Pop, Rap) on IYR Artists


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Artist Biography

ASAP Tokyo is fast becoming a new talented artist.  Tokyo lives in Alabama and likes to hang out with his friends chilling and watching Anime.  Tokyo is a gamer and spends his spare time playing all sorts of games.  While he is playing games he usually comes up with a lyric or a melody as part of his creation process.  Tokyo tried band as a kid and the band director was like a father figure to him and he taught him so much.  The band director taught him everything about mixing and how to make a track.  Tokyo’s goals are to use his music to gain enough popularity to where he can make a profitable career and give his parents the life that they deserve and to show how much he appreciates his mentor for teaching him all that he did.

” We all want make it big one day. So lets make it big and show people that dreams can come true”


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