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Artist/Band Name: Ivory Tower Project Managing Name: MARK REGULA
Genre/Style: [12] Email Address: rockam1@hotmail.com
Username: itpmark1 Website: http://www.IvoryTowerProject.com


Profile Links Link 1 Title: Spotify Link 1 URL: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4Gbe47ZU6kGYYAj08SAEIv
Link 2 Title: Review of ‘ITP-III’ in Klef Notes Link 2 URL: https://klefnotes.com/home/blog/ivory-tower-project-iii?fbclid=IwAR2j_bsOhd6WgeNeqhe21tk4KWdv-YQZMoKp3C-QLuFLMCx187jtyO-4Q0o
Link 3 Title: Review of ‘How Much More?’ in ELO/Beatles Forever (UK) Link 3 URL: https://www.elobeatlesforever.com/2017/06/review-how-much-more-ivory-tower-project.html
Link 4 Title: Review of ‘Red Hot’ in The Entertainment Bank Link 4 URL: http://theentertainmentbankcd.blogspot.com/2012/07/red-hot-ivory-tower-project.html


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Facebook: https://facebook.com/ivorytowerproject Twitter: @ITPMark
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ITPMark/ Instagram: @ivorytowerproject
OG Title: [31] OG Description: Ivory Tower Project (Genre: Rock: Classic Rock, Pop/Rock Power Pop, Blues) on IYR Artists


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Award winning recording artists: Ivory Tower Project are a new breed of old school rockers. New, original music with a retro sound inspired by the great Classic Pop/Rock artists of the 1970s and 80s…

Writing songs in the vein of Foreigner, INXS, Boston and StyxIvory Tower Project was formed in the 1980s and members have seen their share of tragedies through the years. Johnny Jace passed away in 2003 and the lyrics in ‘How Much More?’ are some of his last. The group’s original drummer; Sal DiAngelo died in 1983. A serious car accident in 2009 left Mark Regula barely able to walk and suffering from chronic pain. Still, Regula has persevered and kept Ivory Tower Project alive and growing. Longtime collaborator, friend and studio guitarist: Tony Novarro stepped up and became a strong partner. Nominated in the: Nashville Universe Awards, the Josie Music Awards, the Fair Play Country Music Awards and winners in the Akademia Music Awards. Their body of work has received rave reviews and airplay on over 700 radio stations in 36 countries.


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