Matroelectric (DirtyRed)


Matroelectric (DirtyRed) both Producer/Matroelectric and song writer and rapper/DirtyRed as Matthew Andersen, 1981 born and raised in Peoria, Illinois. Known forĀ  being the drummer for an early punkrock band from the 90’s “The Scabies” and his Slick happy trap insrumental tracks, selling them as NFT contracts through the Ethereum network trying to find new artists. Known as growing up as a troublesome teen with an institutional mindset from being in and out of prison from drugs and alcohol for years through his adulthood and almost died from taking his own life thinking he could never change. Well there’s hope “DirtyRed” flipped the script in his life battling his demons by working, living sober, taking back his kids he’s lost from his past, being a father of three and a fiance to his rock/love Taylor for being here for him through thick and thin. So now hes giving back to the world his experience strength and hope thatĀ  if you want a better life you can have it sober through GOD and a great woman. Matt still has work to do in this world and hes bringing you hope through his Music


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