Lucy, Racquel and me
Soft-Rock Folk country


Lucy, Racquel and me, 3 talents, 3 continents, one project. The 3 of us have never met, but you can meet us through our music.
Lucy, in Australia, writes the lyrics, Racquel, in California,  sings them, while the third part of the puzzle, from France, is responsible for the noise that accompanies her 🙂
Our influences are mainly soft-rock (Wings, Elton John, America, Eagles, Cat Stevens …) yes, very seventies.
Our reference record, the White Album for its eclecticism. So you can hear us play folk – Shattered, Grey ,Fugitive words – ,  blues – One day, Snap –  bossa – Silence for beginners, Bird’s eye view, electro – In my head, Mocha –  Sunshine pop (Hello sunday), rock (Until, Inside my vault) etc…. in short, enough to interest many of you.
Enjoy !

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