Joey Restivo


Joey Restivo, born in Brooklyn, New York; is a singer, songwriter, musician and entrepreneur with a bright personality, which is his brand in each of the songs and businesses he carries out. Joey loves traveling, eating great food, and spending time with his fans; but he also loves to work, creating new experiences for himself, as well for his partners and employees. He is constant as a person, never stops creating new things, and despite being away from the stage for some time, he never stopped preparing, writing, and producing new songs for his long-awaited return to the music industry.

Musical Tour

Joey has been an artist since he was very young, the start of his musical career was in the late 80’s and early 90’s, when he was a founding member of the Pop and Freestyle band Linear; whose songs were World Hits and gifted them with the opportunity to be nominated for different awards and to travel around the world participating in tours and concerts.

After the band broke up, Joey started his development as an entrepreneur, but he never gave up his passion for music. During those years he composed at least 25 songs that are now part of his new solo career, which has been raise up since the release of his first two singles “Take Our Time” and “Knocking On Heaven’s Door”; both songs have a fun pop rhythm that invites you to dance and have fun, but each one in its own way is a statement with a great message imprinted on them.

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