Fonz Tramontano


Fonz Tramontano is an independent synth music artist / producer from Sheffield UK (the home of British synth music). He works from his Mileven Studio in Sheffield UK and has released 4 albums, 1 EP and numerous singles since he started in summer 2018.

Fonz writes, plays, records, mixes and masters all his tracks himself. His style is focused on 100% use of synthesisers which layer every single track. Fonz then ensures a modern dance beat for all his tracks. Fonz’s vocals are solid and carry the tracks forward with ample use of female backing vocals. Fonz’s album covers are memorable and distinctive as he always have a beautiful lady on the cover.

A recent review by NightriderFM of his third album “Replicant” stated ” Replicant is full of verve, swagger and dance floor ready tunes. It’s a richly layered synth pop album that rivals that of bands like Mesh, Neuroticfish, or Iris”.

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