Pop-Rock, Pop-Punk, Pop


My stage name is EVVI, I am an upcoming young artist, musician, producer, guitar player, beatmaker and singer-songwriter. It took me a year to release my first album Teenage Minds. I wrote, produced, and mixed the whole album myself.

Besides making my own songs I also post short videos on my Instagram and TikTok (@evvi.musician), where I perform beats, electronic music (such as synthwave, synthpop, cyberpunk), and lo-fi instrumentals and remixes.

I would describe myself as a versatile artist. After being a guitar player in a band for a few years, I decided to go solo. At the beginning, I had some issues with choosing a particular genre because my musical background was rather diverse. As a kid, I used to listen to a lot of classic rock (Kiss, Guns`n`Roses, Led Zeppelin), but as I grew older my musical preferences started to grow with me. So, instead of focusing on one genre, I decided to go counterintuitive and started experimenting with different styles:  pop rock, alternative, post-rock, pop, indie, grunge, synthwave, emo rap, trap, and even EDM, trying to make something unique. My main music inspirators are Queen, Tokio Hotel, The Doors, Nirvana, 30 Seconds to Mars, Lil Peep, Eminem, BTS, and Illenium.