Blues, Funk, Rock


Cloverhill was born when guitarist / songwriter Paul Laskey met producer Grant Henderson at a music festival in France.

They both share a love of classic rock music and started work on recording Paul’s songs at Grant’s Loom Studio in Leeds, Northern England.

From this, the first Cloverhill album “7 of One, 2 and a Half of the Other” was born.

The album met very positive critical acclaim, giving rise to the band being followed by high profile music figures, including Neal Schon of Journey, Ron “Bumblefoot“ Thal of Guns ‘n’ Roses / Sons Of Apollo, Michael Sweet of Stryper, Foreigner, Five Finger Death Punch, Yes….

The band has so far remained independent, despite distribution offers from Universal….but always open to discuss the right offers of support.

The second Cloverhill album “All Done With Dreaming” was released on 14th May 2020 and shows a more eclectic side to the band, with Blues and Funk influences but still very much with a rock edge.

Songs from this new album and “7 of One, 2 and a Half of the Other” are currently being played on Rock radio stations around the world.

The current band line up is:-

Paul Laskey – Guitar and Vocals

Jon Hollins – Drums

Marcio Couto – Bass

These widely experienced musicians met at the local Musos cafe, “The Shift”, in the band’s home town of Burnley and came together after a number of very enjoyable jams at the cafe.

The group is ready to go live with stripped down, power trio versions of songs from both Cloverhill albums.

Warm up gigs were extremely well received with descriptions like “Motorhead meets Cream, meets the Chilli Peppers”, with our Brazilian bro, Marcio, bringing a new funk edge.

Cloverhill coming at you some time soon!

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